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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Unleash your inner vintage,boho,hippy,gypsy

Deliciously vintage

Van Inspiration !

The Road trip back home is on the horizon.
So my sweetheart and I bought a van while it's not a kombie it's going to get some hippy lovin.
Here are a few ideas I found.
Hmmm turning it into a gypsy van looks appealing.
Also I would love a caravan vintage style,that is on my life list !
So moving back home near the coast just in time for some hot summer.
I can't wait for the van to do some road trip down the Great Ocean Rd. Sleep under the stars on the beach camping or in the van !

Emily Chalmers author of that amazing book
Flea Market Style owns this caravan below.

Love the gypsy look !

Life is an adventure.

So enjoy the ride.

Be happy

Enjoy the sun

Be young and free at heart.

Great Ocean Rd ,Australia.

Anyone going on a road trip ?


  1. Oooh those are really cool. i wouldn't mind camping in a caravan if it looked like one of these. so cozy and cute!

  2. On my life list too. Awesome vans. Now I want to pack up and drive down the US East coast. And someday Australia. Looks Beautiful.

  3. These pictures are amazing. I have quite a few traveller friends that live in vans and boats... Some of these pictures remind me of their beautiful cosy places :))

  4. Oo a van :) My boyfriend and I roadtripped across America and back in my mini cooper which was so so so much fun. We only had two weeks, but we're thinking someday we'll do it all again with more time.

  5. Those are all so cool! It makes me wonder if that is how my ex-hippie and flower child parents traveled at one time in their lives!

  6. Besotted with this post...I'd love to have that green one with the red flags in my backyard...but a van, yes much more practical for travellin...just hop in and go...I got some solar powered fairy lights at Bunnings the other day (to put in a bowl on my balcony) could put some in the van...maybe all over the ceiling and then stick the little solar panels on the window exciting!

  7. What a WONDERFUL post!! I am madly in love with the idea of hitting the road and living as a nomad for at least a short period of my life. You seem to have found some of the most gorgeous and inspiring travel-related photos available! I hope you have an amazing time on your road trip. It looks like an absolutely beautiful place. Don't forget to take lots of picture for us!

  8. I'm not much of a van, road trip, camping kind of girl - but those lovely photo's and your enthusiasm sure make it sound like fun!!

  9. These are so cute! Dev and I are hoping to go on the road for a spell someday. The idea would be to get a 5th wheel RV and see how we do in a small space for a year or so. After all, my dream is to have a tiny house! Constance is adorable! There is a hotel in South Africa that has little airstream trailers on the roof--you have to see this miss velvet and tell me which one is your favorite okay :)

  10. Hello I featured you on my blog today. Lovely shop and blog. Blessings, D.Elizabeth

  11. Ahhhhhhhh, I am dying of cuteness and neatness over here!! My heritage is actually Bohemian so this post just speaks to me! I love that you gathered up all these photos to share with us!!

    xoxo Agnes

  12. I actually had a travel trailer like that way back when (it was vintage even then, btw, I'm not that old :). Thanks for the great pics! Barbara

  13. A caravan summer would be nice. Much longer and I'd be longing for more conveniences. I recently was on a little road trip through Eastern Oregon (photos up on my blog), and one of these travel trailers sure would have been nice!

  14. love this beautiful gypsy inspired post. So inspiring and how wonderful to have a home on wheels to travel about in *ruthie*

  15. All these photos are so wonderful. They make me daydream and remember when I had a van. Her name was 'missy bissy bussy' I painted a flying unicorn on her side. Such a fun post.

  16. I think you would like

  17. i love caravan trailers.. they are fabulous.. i never see any out on the road though.. i think a van is the way to go for ease and speed and affordability! my husband and i spent most of last year traveling the u.s. in our vintage airstream, it's quite the experience.. we look forward to more travels this summer..

  18. Hey :) Can I please use the photo above "Van Inspiration" as the picture for a private facebook-event? We're going on a road trip next summer, but we don't have our own van yet to take a picture of, and we need a nice pic like this to get friends to join our trip :) Please reply either way.


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