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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Movie Reviews compared to things, well sort of !

(500) Days of Summer
Director:Marc Webb

It's a Bubblegum.

Zooey Deschanel is in it,she is so cool and her fiance is Death Cab for Cutie Frontman Ben Gibbard.

Some brands are designed to be non-sticky so they do not stick to one's face.
This one is not in your face about a typical romance, nice deviation.
Girl does not believe in true love and boy does.
Off the kilter romance comedy.


I really like the out of sequence days in this movie.

Message here :
Quote from the movie just because they like the same music as you it
doesn’t mean their your Soul mate.
Chew on that !
Memorable character - The wise little sister,everyone needs one of those.

Movie review The Virgin suicides
Director:Sofia Coppola

I say it's a goldfish.
Most of the girls have blonde hair.

They live their lives in a fishbowl, being watched by their parents prying eyes.
Life is dull for these locked up blonde beauties.
Fish kill themselves, so do people.


Message here: don’t flush a goldfish down the toilet.
Love them and give them freedom.
Memorable character - Lux,she has the most wonderful smile.
She is played by Kirsten Dunst.


  1. What a lovely post. I love Sofia and The Virgin Suicides, so tragic and dreamy at the same time. Have you ever read the book?

  2. Love those trailer pictures! They are awesome! I could live in one of those! Love your blog background too....very nice

  3. I've not seen these films. I will have to look out for them :)

  4. I saw 500 Days of Summer. I don't think I should have gone in there thinking it was about romance from the word go.

  5. MAB Jewelry I haven't read the book.I heard it's great though.Yes I'm a Sofia Coppola fan and she always has great music in her movies.

    Thanks Karen.

    Jasmine, I love movies.I don't like tv much but movies are great.

    ChallenCharms did you like the movie ?

  6. I haven't seen the first one but I'd like to. Virgin Suicides is a great flick ooh and I love the Air soundtrack. Your descriptions are sooo cute! Unlike any movie reviews I've ever read muah! :)

  7. Well now I officially need to see both of these movies. I've been told before that The Virgin Suicides was worth watching, but I've never heard of the first one. Thanks for the recommendations! I totally trust your opinion too. When people with crappy taste tell me that I've GOT to watch this movie or listen to this band, I just have to wonder if I can actually trust their judgment.

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Thank you for making me smile tonight.