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Monday, October 12, 2009

Here is my stuff-exhibit 2.

Things I'm taking to Melbourne.
My 10 year old dog & the pic behind her

I only have one bucket chair & only one bag but I
thought it would be cool to have bucket chair twins.
Keeping bucket chair,selling bag.

Selling clothes.

Dear Stuff,
Please help me get rid of you
May you go somewhere loving and kind
Don’t think I don't love you because I do
But it's time to move on
Somewhere out there someone will love you much more than I do.
Bye-bye stuff!
Love V

Broken Flowers soundtrack is great to listen to while packing
and the movie is fantastic.
Bill Murray is in it, need I say more.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Here is my stuff-exhibit 1.

Here's the van for the road trip home.It needs work and a window.

My fave vintage suitcase

My fave stuff I'm keeping.

Old clothes going on ebay or op-shop or garage sale !

More stuff to come,our lives are full of stuff !

Friday, October 9, 2009

Joyful simplicities-101


Laugh at how scary the world can be
it's a messy messy world and it's full of freaks.
The best you can do is not be afraid of the world.
My freaky boxer !

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Movie Reviews compared to things, well sort of !

(500) Days of Summer
Director:Marc Webb

It's a Bubblegum.

Zooey Deschanel is in it,she is so cool and her fiance is Death Cab for Cutie Frontman Ben Gibbard.

Some brands are designed to be non-sticky so they do not stick to one's face.
This one is not in your face about a typical romance, nice deviation.
Girl does not believe in true love and boy does.
Off the kilter romance comedy.


I really like the out of sequence days in this movie.

Message here :
Quote from the movie just because they like the same music as you it
doesn’t mean their your Soul mate.
Chew on that !
Memorable character - The wise little sister,everyone needs one of those.

Movie review The Virgin suicides
Director:Sofia Coppola

I say it's a goldfish.
Most of the girls have blonde hair.

They live their lives in a fishbowl, being watched by their parents prying eyes.
Life is dull for these locked up blonde beauties.
Fish kill themselves, so do people.


Message here: don’t flush a goldfish down the toilet.
Love them and give them freedom.
Memorable character - Lux,she has the most wonderful smile.
She is played by Kirsten Dunst.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Unleash your inner vintage,boho,hippy,gypsy

Deliciously vintage

Van Inspiration !

The Road trip back home is on the horizon.
So my sweetheart and I bought a van while it's not a kombie it's going to get some hippy lovin.
Here are a few ideas I found.
Hmmm turning it into a gypsy van looks appealing.
Also I would love a caravan vintage style,that is on my life list !
So moving back home near the coast just in time for some hot summer.
I can't wait for the van to do some road trip down the Great Ocean Rd. Sleep under the stars on the beach camping or in the van !

Emily Chalmers author of that amazing book
Flea Market Style owns this caravan below.

Love the gypsy look !

Life is an adventure.

So enjoy the ride.

Be happy

Enjoy the sun

Be young and free at heart.

Great Ocean Rd ,Australia.

Anyone going on a road trip ?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Come visit Wibbley World for super cute and surreal art


Welcome to a fantastic world called Wibbley World, where the inhabitants of Wibbley World live a life full of courage and adventure.Elizabeth Victoria Knowles has been painting for over a decade.Elizabeth's paintings represent a world where nothing bad ever happens, well nothing life threatening anyway. It seems if something horrible does happen, her adorable whimsical characters make the best of every situation. Take prissy for example - she was bitten by a radioactive flying fish so now she has to live her life as a cat/mermaid/fairy hybrid. Prissy just carries on with life with a coffee, martini and a big smile on her face, never giving up on hope.
So remember to never give up on hope and do it with a big smile !

Lacking in the Face Department - 8x10 Print

Prissy - 8x10 Print

So Elizabeth was kind enough to answer my 3 Q& A'S.

What inspires you ?

Our first Boston Terrier, Mr. Bones, was probably my first, biggest inspiration. After painting him with his huge, bi-color wall-eyes for the first time, my work went in a new direction. Continued inspiration comes from my husband (a never ending source of ideas for characters) my kids, and my pets. My work is also self-inspiring as new ideas will often come to me while I'm in the middle of a painting.

What do you do to relax?

To relax I like to watch DVD's with my husband, read, and draw or paint.

Best childhood memory?

This is a tough one as I don't know that I have a particular favorite, but my stuffed animals were very important to me & I loved playing with them. I also liked playing in the woods with my sister, birthdays, and coming home from school to watch Dark Shadows!

More amazing art and super cute fury friends of Wibbley World