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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My First Treasury only on Etsy !

Ok who likes Dr Seuss ? I do.....
So I put together beautiful and wonderful things from Etsy.
WHAT IS ETSY ? for people who don't know, it is where you can Buy and Sell Handmade goodies that are super cool and creative like the stuff below !
I have stuff on Etsy too !
Enough banter I present to you my first Treasury, so excited as it's a real pain to get a treasury.

lovely things I choice to represent the words in the Dr Seuss book,well you know the one !
Click for Green eggs and Pam ...


  1. Thanks again so much for putting me in this, it means so much to me!
    Absolutely loved the treasury, you are the best!! XOXO

  2. Great treasury. Love the switchplate cover.

  3. very cool treasurey!! i love it!!

  4. That is the hottest treasury of all time! Of course, I might be a little prejudiced. . .

  5. Too cool! Treasuries are such a PAIN to get. Very sweet choices.

  6. Great treasury.. love the title too.. so cute! ;)

  7. Thanks again miss velvet! I am such a dork. I taught preschool for 6 years and read Seuss all of the time, but still took me a minute to get it ha ha! Wishing you many more treasuries to come! :)

  8. oh i have a first treasury also!

  9. congratulations on your first treasury


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