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Friday, August 21, 2009

The Point

The point of it all,
what is the point ?
is this,this is it; the point is to find purpose.
So be inspired! Be curious, be happy, and be silly.
Do something you love.
I'm other photographers on flickr.
To take pictures, read a book and smell the flowers.

More pics
by emily hunt

love this by
Kensey Crane

More by 11nightmares


  1. Very nice shots. As much as I crave vibrant and bold colors, I appreciate that hazy faded aged look too. Are you on flickr now velvet? If so, let us know how it goes and of course tell us how to find you :)

    PS I've never seen anything like your photos :) Truly!

  2. Hey, no not on flickr yet.These shots aren't mine I added a link to their flickr sites under the pics.lovely aren't they ?

  3. These are beautiful! Flickr is such an amazing resource for inspiration. Thanks for these lovely photos!

  4. Peaceful images : ) I feel like lying down in a lush meadow now. Thanks!

  5. You are so right. There is joy to be found in every single minute of every single day, and it's so easy to forget that.

  6. As usual you embrace subjects that feel immediate and essential. As you mention, it is so important to be curious, explore and experiment and by doing this we find purpose. To be both mischievous and playful in the forever changing process that life is.

    The photos are beautiful. I especially like the mistiness about them; this gives them a natural and organic outlook, which I find very appealing.

  7. Hello, just leaving you a comment as I've so enjoyed looking around your site and reading your lovely posts. Great pictures too !

    Thank so much for sharing them and I hope you have a fab weekend (well, the rest of it anyway...)!

    Best wishes to you

  8. These are beautiful photographs~! I enjoyed seeing them, thanks for sharing!

  9. Such soft romantic imagery. Thank you for your kind words. You have a beautiful soul x

  10. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos...yes I agree...about the point of it do things you be inspired...

  11. these are beautiful!
    thanks for inspiring us to keep going! it is easy to forget why we create art sometimes! :)

  12. velvet-- I know the above shots aren't yours. I meant your photos, the ones in your shop, are something I've never seen :)

  13. Thanks everyone.I too need to be reminded of the little things that are really the big things in lfe.

  14. Each and every photo is beautiful, thanks for inspiring us, and I am highly impressed by your particle on point........


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  15. i really like the Emily Hunt one :)
    great blog, btw!


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