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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Muffy the lost dog found !

I can't believe Muffy was found after 9 years of missing in action.
She was last seen in 2000 on the Gold Cost Qld but was found by the RSPCA early this month living in Melbourne.The terrier-cross was living in appalling conditions on a piece of cardboard malnourished and flea-ridden.The RSPCA took her away and were going to put her down but then discovered she had a microchip.Due to the microchip they were able to trace Muffy's family.

I love this story about Muffy and thank god her family are still around and so overjoyed to hear that Muffy was found.Muffy lived with a family 9 years ago and was dearly love my a 10 year old girl who is now 19.

Can you believe it ? Nine years later they find her 2000km away from home ...........The adventures of Muffy the wonder dog continues at home with her loving family.

I'm getting my dog microchip next week,if you are a pet owner you should do the same.It might save your pet's life.


  1. That is just the sweetest story! I can't imagine how this family must feel, being reunited with their sweet pup after almost a decade!!

  2. oh wow! i don't know what i would do if i lost one of my dogs. what a great story :)

  3. Oh my goodness, I nearly cried reading that! Gracie is chipped--we would be heartbroken without our orange fluffy monster. Thanks for sharing this velvet. The family must be overwhelmed with joy. What are the odds!?!

  4. What an amazing story! If only dogs could talk. It would be so interesting to hear what Muffy has been doing all this time. I am so glad for her family that she was found.

  5. If only a dog could talk. You could only imagine the tales that muffy would tell.

  6. oh my! that is amazing!
    the poor thing, i can't imagine how hard it must of been for her on her own!! i am so teary-eyed!

    i am so glad there is a happy ending!!

    microchip for sure!!!

  7. A wonderful story. When I was a veterinary nurse we'd hear stories of dogs that had mistakenly climbed in the back of removal vans and ended up 100's miles from home but managed with time to find their way back home. Remarkable really.

    Thank you for your healing thoughts on my blog. I just returned from 9 hrs in hospital, escaping only on the condition that I return tomorrow... So your thoughts are much appreciated xx

  8. Wow! That is amazing. I wonder what Muffy had been up to all those years. She is a real survivor. Maybe it was the wolf in her that kept her alive.

    I felt happy reading this post. Thanks!

    /Jenny xx

  9. What an amazing story!!! I had never heard it until just now and I am in awe! Thanks for posting it for me!



  10. Yes Muffy is one of many fine examples of what we call a miracle.I had to share this wonderful story with everyone as it is just incredible.

  11. What a great story! I am getting my pup microchipped during his next checkup. I think it is a smart thing to do.

  12. What an amazing story. Very hope-inspiring! Never give up...


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