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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Joyful Simplicities-101

Drinking a cup of coffee at home in my favorite cup.
Do you like coffee or tea or both? Do you have a favorite cup?
I like a latte or a chai latte.
Don't cry over spilled milk.


  1. Yes...things taste different in different cups/mugs don't they....I've got some of those cute Baileys Irish Creme cups with smiling faces moulded onto them and tea tastes better in them!

  2. I like coffee or lattes, but I also like tea! My favorite mug is probably one with a snowman on it. It is huge so I can use it both as a mug AND a bowl!

  3. Fantastic post! I drink coffee every morning with delight, from one of my several mugs which have been lugged home from places as far away as Rome, Prague, Harvard and Berlin.

  4. I love this photo and its warm colours; the spilled milky coffee adds even more charm to the whole picture.

    I drink black tea (organic blueberry) and sometimes lattes too. I have a favourite cup that is very kitschy, pink with butterflies and glitter all over. I usually prefer simple minimalist design and autumn colours, so I am not sure why I like that cup so much. :)

  5. I love coffee AND tea; coffee in the morning, tea before bed. And yes, I do have a favorite cup. Actually, I have a few favorite cups. I collect them. I've had some of them for many years, and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to hold them in my hands.

  6. double expresso for me in my favourite blue and white stripy mug with a square of dark chocolate on the side!

  7. I drink a whole pot of coffee in the morning (yes, all of my exclamation points are coffee driven!), and always out of my giant insulated tumbler that I got as a promo gift from an old supplier at a past job.

  8. I love coffee in the morning. I only allow myself one cup though :) We grind our beans at home and use our cheap little coffee maker. When we go out, I like to get white mochas as a treat. My favorite place is called The Green Bean--it's a non-profit cafe, is that cool or what! Oh the coffee there is AMAZING. It's called Brown & Co. roasted here in Seattle and it's the best.

  9. Chai Latte mmmh! Or Lapsang Souchong...

  10. Love coffee....particularly the kind with a light cinnamon hazelnut aroma...Love your blog

  11. Yes some cups make coffee taste horrible, why is that.... I love collecting cups too, especially vintage ones from the 70's.
    I got a bag of old cups for $2 from the thrifty shop including this Bambi cup and I got two of them.Having special cups is so nice sometimes it kinda reflect ones moods and inner state.
    If I was in Seattle theLostEarring I would love to have coffee with you at The Green BEAN sounds nice.
    Thanks Linda I love your blog too,it is so inspiring. Lapsang Souchong is that butter tea ? I had that once at a Tibetan restaurant I thought it tasted weird.

  12. This is by far one of the most awesome blog
    posts I have ever seen. Seriously.
    Coffee all way, baby.
    I will drink it out of any old cup doesn't
    matter to me, hot coffee in the morning,
    iced coffee in the afternoon.
    Our buddy Chris though, insists on our
    bunny mug everytime he comes over. haha.


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