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Friday, August 7, 2009

Amazing kinetic Art.

Reminds me of how impermanent things really are.
The first one starts off a bit slow but then builds up to an amazing climax.
Please be patient.


  1. It's fascinating BUT i don't think i will enjoy having it wipe off in seconds after what must have taken forever to put together..


  2. OH MY GOSH! Totally amazing. I wonder how long it took to set that first one up?

  3. Sounds interesting. I wish my old laptop would let me watch video clips!

    Never mind. You take care :)

  4. I know it would be a little scary at first to go and topple it down but I think it be so much fun.
    I wonder as well as long it would take to create something like that.Hmmm the cat flippy is very placid almost blase about it all.I guess he has seen it a zillion times.
    Jasmine you must borrow your friends laptop.
    Thanks you take care too.


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