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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The nomadic explorer of the soul

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So I want to be a nomad, most people are nomads at heart, maybe we are all part time nomads that’s why we go on holidays. Do you long to be free from the burdens of this society where our lives are like clockwork, resembling a machine or an automaton. We all work so hard, accumulate so much stuff, wealth and possession in the western world that sometimes we forget why we are living, what we are living for, and what it's all about? The soul longs for answers, variety, stimulation and the sacred truth. Sometimes it will distract itself with so many things that is not life enchancing by overeating, consuming more than one needs to, watching too much tv, worrying all the time, the list could go on and on. Some people clean non-stop, others take drugs, others like to create big melodramas and attract people that can have detrimental effects on their wellbeing. So on and on it goes just to fill the void.

So find the time to seek solace. Find your truth, as the truth can be so objective and realize, finding one truth only leads to the search for another. So ask yourself what engages the mystery and magic of your inner wisdom, ask your soul answers only you can answer, others may try to answer it, but you will never understand until the seed of wisdom and not knowledge is born from your being. Wisdom does not mean knowing all the answers, but rather a williness to open your heart, mind and soul in order to receive the gift of learning. Be the explorer, be the soulful nomad gazing up the stars, wondering how magnificent it is that we exist. Explore your mind and the fundamentals in your life, it doesn’t matter that you don’t know the answers, what matters is you are looking at your true self. That is the start of your odyssey to the wondering, nomadic explorer of the soul.


  1. :) i take it that you're at least going to try to put that 6 revealing scandalous one liners that friends from my Blog are going to love checking yours out too. We are all a pretty nosy bunch. That's pretty much why we're here.


  2. What a lovely post. Thank you so much. I've become so obsessed my craft lately that it's kind of lost the fun and relaxing aspect that made me love to do it in the first place. Maybe I need to wander a bit.

  3. Yes, we all get sucked into the status quo far too easily. I'm done with the rat race. Lily Tomlin said something like:

    The thing about the rat race is, even if you win, you're still a rat.

    Sorry to put a jokey spin on your eloquent words. I know exactly what you mean dear velvet :)

  4. Yes yes yes! I'll take a yurt to go, please. ;)

  5. lovely post :) my friends and i are starting a nomadic tribe as soon as we catch up to them in China next year....and i did so love my dear little yurt! it's amazing how living amongst circular imagery instead of angles/squares changes one's mindspace....!


  6. Very inspirational! I love thinking this way! Thank you for reminding me to!

  7. I wanna live in an RV and travel the US. So many places to see and explore. I can't wait until I'm retired.


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