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Monday, July 13, 2009

It's Mondayitis , Monday Artist !

Everyone hates Mondays so let’s learn about an artist to help ease the pain of Mondays.

Cindy Sherman a fascinating favourite photographer of mine.

Cindy Sherman the American chameleon photographer took movie like self-portraits, best known for her Untitled Film Stills series circa 1988-1990.
In 1999 the average selling price for one of her photographs was $20,000 to $50,000. In 1999 one of the photographs from her Film Stills sold for a jaw dropping $ 190,000 at a Christie’s auction.
Way to go Cindy !


  1. Followed Ms. Sherman's work for a decade.
    She is always fascinating. I'm intrigued by experimentation with identity.

  2. Yes I first heard of her in art school many moons ago. But then I forgot all about her but re-discovered how much I love her portrayal of so many lost faces of broken dreams and the way she explores the exploitation of women in the media. I love how she can look like a different person and make you believe she is that person, such a transformation.

  3. Really cool post, I'm Fascinated!

  4. What an interesting video. Thanks for sharing this great piece on Cindy Sherman's work. I did not know of her and now I want to know more.

    Speaking of wanting to know more about someone, I've tagged you on my blog to share more information about yourself, if you have the time and are willing.

  5. Sure give me a few days to mull over the lurid details of my human existence and I'll give you a grand bio epic.


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