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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Joyful Simplicities 101 -Stay in Bed

Joyful Simplicities:
Don' get out of bed if you are feeling unwell and morose.
Your bed is your healer and it will keep you protected from the world as you gather strength to face the world again.

Someday velvetwoods will have a bed like this one.
The Tree Bed from Shawn Lovell Metal works price tag $15,000,wow !
I will gather twigs just like a bird and make my own little bednest that I can afford.

The alarm can ring.
The birds can peep.
My bed is warm.
My pillow's deep.
Today's the days I'm going to sleep.
by Dr Seuss

Draw in bed.
Write in bed.
Cry in bed.
Laugh in bed.
Your bed is like a magic carpet it will take you places you dream of.
And sometimes it is like a choose your own adventure story as you have a lucid dream and be an active participant in your own story.
Sleep and dream my friend and when you wake you will feel nourished.
xoxox velvetwoods


Thank you for making me smile tonight.