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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blog give away winner !

Blog Give away Winner of flower and birds photographic art print collage size 4x6. ... drum roll please is …….
Sharon from Knot-Cha-Chá!™ ! Johnny Depp wasn’t available to announce my blog give away winner so I had to settle for Jack Nicholson. Hey I really liked Jack in one flew over the cuckoo nest. Sorry Sharon! I know how you love Johnny Depp.

Thanks everyone for participating, it’s been so much fun. You all gave such wonderful answers, if I was a bird I would do all the things you all suggested. I would also fly to my favorite artist's home whether it is an actor,muso,writer, Johnny Depp or Christian bale comes to mind right now, I would be happy to sit nearby and listen to them just be.I might need ear plugs for Christian Bale after his little tantrum on the Terminator set.
By the way my method for picking a winner was totally scientific and widely known as drawing a name out of a hat.


  1. Oh, Velvetwoods, I am so excited to win!

    You know, if Johnny Depp couldn't make it to present the award, then Jack Nicolson is a great next choice, because he is sooooo funny. (It's breakfast time, so I think I'll bop over to You-Tube and watch his classic diner scene about the toast to celebrate!)

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win the flower and birds print! I'll convo you on Etsy with contact info.

  2. Thanks for visiting our blog!!

  3. Oh most welcome Sharon ! Yes Jack is a classic and I actually can't think of a film that I did not like him in.I will also check out the diner scene.Hope your toast was yum.


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