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Friday, July 31, 2009

More Random stuff about me.

Pic by Amanda Friedman Photography

I been tagged again this time by
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More Random stuff about me.

1.I was gazing at the sky one early morning marvelling at all the stars when I saw something very odd like a ball of light, shaped like a disc coming toward me.It got bigger and faster so I got scared and got in my car,It chased me down the highway then dissapeared.I swear I saw a UFO at 4 am in the morning while stopping for a break for my big move to another state.

2.I was named after a cat.

3.I once had two boyfriends at the same time and they did not know about each other, I was young and silly.

4.I once worked as a masseuse, my job lasted two days. The place wasn't dodgy but it was in the past so they had very strange customers with some strange request.I did not grant these so called strange request.

5.I was in some dodgy B grade movie when I was kid .I can't even remember what it was called but I remember I had to run away from explosions and fire !

6.I like Dr Seuss,he has the most wonderful quotes like “If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good”

So I tagged these 6 lovely bloggers.

the Lost Earring



Moon Through Fog

Psyche Connections

the end is nigh

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The nomadic explorer of the soul

Pic from

So I want to be a nomad, most people are nomads at heart, maybe we are all part time nomads that’s why we go on holidays. Do you long to be free from the burdens of this society where our lives are like clockwork, resembling a machine or an automaton. We all work so hard, accumulate so much stuff, wealth and possession in the western world that sometimes we forget why we are living, what we are living for, and what it's all about? The soul longs for answers, variety, stimulation and the sacred truth. Sometimes it will distract itself with so many things that is not life enchancing by overeating, consuming more than one needs to, watching too much tv, worrying all the time, the list could go on and on. Some people clean non-stop, others take drugs, others like to create big melodramas and attract people that can have detrimental effects on their wellbeing. So on and on it goes just to fill the void.

So find the time to seek solace. Find your truth, as the truth can be so objective and realize, finding one truth only leads to the search for another. So ask yourself what engages the mystery and magic of your inner wisdom, ask your soul answers only you can answer, others may try to answer it, but you will never understand until the seed of wisdom and not knowledge is born from your being. Wisdom does not mean knowing all the answers, but rather a williness to open your heart, mind and soul in order to receive the gift of learning. Be the explorer, be the soulful nomad gazing up the stars, wondering how magnificent it is that we exist. Explore your mind and the fundamentals in your life, it doesn’t matter that you don’t know the answers, what matters is you are looking at your true self. That is the start of your odyssey to the wondering, nomadic explorer of the soul.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Mondayitis,Monday Artist.

Everyone hates Mondays so let’s learn about an artist to help ease the pain of Mondays.

Bansky is an English graffiti artist from Bristol.His artworks are often satirical vignettes of art on topics such as politics, culture, and ethics.His wise and funny stencil art combined with often something witty to say is his signature style.
Now Bansky is at the Bristol Museum.I wanna go to Bristol but I can't go,so this clip is the next best thing.

More Bansky

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Don't be sad today.

New work from me inspired by the beauty of the sky and richness of the ground.

The dark clouds are there lingering in the shadows but I don't want to see them today.I prefer to chase sunny blue skies,mellow yellow trees and ferns from the ground.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sacred Spaces Inspiration

I want to redecorate on a budget with thrifty things.
I'm loving these pics from flickr.It is just my style.
Vintage bohemian with a touch of colourful charm.

Joyful Simplicities 101-Music

Check out your local thrift shop for some old records.
I love the sound of scratchy old records, it is so beautifully raw.
I got old classical records, the roaring 20's, flamenco, Shirley Bassey, Billy idol, Dolly Parton and ladies country classic from thrifty shops.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Art Pendant !

It's finally here my Art pendant of Green flower delight Fine Art Photograph Print.

7/8 INCH Glass tile pendant approx. 7/8" Square (23 x 23 x 5 mm)

Chain does NOT come with the pendant.
My Pendant of sweet little photographic art ! Yours to wear but not to the beach or in the shower as it's not waterproof !The back is sealed with a glossy look.
50% of pendant sale will be donated to cancer research.
Now on etsy
There's more to come soon.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cool things on Etsy !

XX Chromosomes Shirt

Embossed Ostrich Green Satchel /Shoulder Handbag

The Greens with Envy

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blog give away winner !

Blog Give away Winner of flower and birds photographic art print collage size 4x6. ... drum roll please is …….
Sharon from Knot-Cha-Chá!™ ! Johnny Depp wasn’t available to announce my blog give away winner so I had to settle for Jack Nicholson. Hey I really liked Jack in one flew over the cuckoo nest. Sorry Sharon! I know how you love Johnny Depp.

Thanks everyone for participating, it’s been so much fun. You all gave such wonderful answers, if I was a bird I would do all the things you all suggested. I would also fly to my favorite artist's home whether it is an actor,muso,writer, Johnny Depp or Christian bale comes to mind right now, I would be happy to sit nearby and listen to them just be.I might need ear plugs for Christian Bale after his little tantrum on the Terminator set.
By the way my method for picking a winner was totally scientific and widely known as drawing a name out of a hat.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mondayitis,Monday Artist.

Everyone hates Mondays so let’s learn about an artist to help ease the pain of Mondays.

Medicine woman by Susan Seddon Boulet

"In The Company Of Wolves" by Susan Seddon Boulet

Shaman Wolf

Athena by Susan Seddon-Boulet

She is famous for her exquisite and richly developed imagination.I first heard of her when I walked into a bookshop and saw her goddess tarot cards and was quite spellbound by them.
She is Susan Seddon-Boulet, San Francisco Bay Area artist, who was born in Brazil in 1941 of English parents who had emigrated from South Africa. She died in 1997 from a long battle with cancer.

Anais Nin wrote:
"These figures are out of our dreams, those which flee from us upon awakening, those which are dispersed like dew at dawn, and those which fall apart between fingers like dust--roses."

Susan Seddon- Boulet was inspired by the magical world of dreams, her love for animals, shamans and goddesses.
I love her symbolic images and the rich,lush,earthy tones of her paintings. It is like being in the spiritual realm where everything is sacred and everyone has a shaman they can consult with about the mysterious of life.

Here is some bat for lashes ,the song is Pearl's dream, reminds me some of Susan Seddon- Boulet images.I LOVE this song and clip.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Blue skies with Rumi.

I took some pics of the sky while I was out and about.
Blue skies is always here in sunny Qld.

Friday, July 17, 2009

A little story about me.

I have been tagged by Knot-Cha-Chá! to tell 10 things about myself.

1. I grew up in a place full of nature and beauty without electricity. I lived in a hut by the river made by my grandfather overlooking two striking mountains that resembled two bosoms.At night time by grandfather and I would sit by the window. We would watch the bats fly home to the cave perched on the side of the mountain, while the sun was slowly sinking for a restful sleep.

2. I used to run around naked when I was kid but I’m not nudist anymore. My grandmother was very upset she couldn't put a dress on me without chasing me down the road.

3. As a teenager I was rebellious and went to a school were teachers were called by their first name and smoking at the back was OK.

4. I have hitched hiked trice in my life but never alone...two out of those three times I went to the beach.Mr Woods and I missed the bus, no more buses that day and our car was somewhere else. We got to the island but the beach was miles away, no taxis around.....Well we saw turtles bobbing up and down the size of buses in the ocean and whales doing whale things that day. We swam and swam like little fishies.
Otherwise hitch hiking can be dangerous...murderers and the likes roam the planet too.

5. I love Marshal Arts, especially Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

6. I’ve been to the Amazon and stayed in an eco lodge, it was amazing. I have also been to see the great lost city of the Incas, Machu Picchu. When I got to the top I found a quiet corner overlooking the vast majestic vista and meditated.

7. I know Shiatsu and Reikie, I have studied them both. I believe in the power of Reikie and everyone deserves to be touch in a loving way without feeling uncomfortable or violated.

8. I Love all forms of art, most of all how it can manifest itself creatively in so many ways in one’s life. I think life is art and everyone has a piece of the master piece inside them. We are all Botticelli's Venus.

9. To live a life unexamined is a real shame and rather dull but at the same time navel gazing too often is a real pain. Everything is about balancing the yin and yang and embracing life's unpredictability. Life is in constant flux even when you think your feet is deeply rooted on the ground the world has a bit of tango to shake things up.

10. life is just a ride.

Here's some of my new photographic artwork.
available at

I tried to make you heartshape eggs for breakfast.

Nature is colorful

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yes, Bacon Vodka.

No way!
Yes, Bacon Vodka. Funny I have been reading artlife's blog about bacon themes and here is a bacon I stumbled upon.
Bacon Vodka is superior quality potato vodka with a savory bacon flavor.How gross!
Ok this so wrong !And what ! wasabi chocolate, maybe you can use your bacon vodka to wash than the wasabi chocolate.

The weirdest flavored food I’ve tried is prune yoghurt and lemon myrtle yoghurt, not very nice!

Monday, July 13, 2009

It's Mondayitis , Monday Artist !

Everyone hates Mondays so let’s learn about an artist to help ease the pain of Mondays.

Cindy Sherman a fascinating favourite photographer of mine.

Cindy Sherman the American chameleon photographer took movie like self-portraits, best known for her Untitled Film Stills series circa 1988-1990.
In 1999 the average selling price for one of her photographs was $20,000 to $50,000. In 1999 one of the photographs from her Film Stills sold for a jaw dropping $ 190,000 at a Christie’s auction.
Way to go Cindy !

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Be nurtured by Nature.

We all know nature can be very healing so today take the time to enjoy your local park.Green is a soothing colour and can invoke a sense of well being and calmness.
So wear your favourite green item of clothing or jewelry to feel a sense of balance.
I love wearing my green earrings and my soft green scarf.
Green is calming for me as I can be prone to have outburts of anger just like everyone else, even monks swear too and get angry.We are all human beings !

Here are some pics I took while I was out and about admiring mother nature.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Blog give away.

I'm giving away my flower and birds photographic art print collage size 4x6.
Just answer this question, if you were a bird where would you go and why ?

♥♥♥My glass pendant♥♥♥

I made this glass pendant for myself.
I used an old vintage children's book.I will be making more pendants similar to this one and will be on sale at my etsy shop soon.I will also be making pendants out of my photographic art prints very soon too.

Believe in yourself.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nani Nani Lullaby by Yasmin Levy

Sephardic music was born in medieval Spain, These Songs were sung traditionally by women while performing household tasks with no music. Such a beautiful lullaby.

Nani, nani, nani,
Nani nani wants my son
Son of his mother
the boy is getting big

Sleep my little soul
sleep my life
Your father is coming
with great joy.

Open the door
open the door my lady!
I am coming very tired
from working the land.

Joyful Simplicities 101 -Stay in Bed

Joyful Simplicities:
Don' get out of bed if you are feeling unwell and morose.
Your bed is your healer and it will keep you protected from the world as you gather strength to face the world again.

Someday velvetwoods will have a bed like this one.
The Tree Bed from Shawn Lovell Metal works price tag $15,000,wow !
I will gather twigs just like a bird and make my own little bednest that I can afford.

The alarm can ring.
The birds can peep.
My bed is warm.
My pillow's deep.
Today's the days I'm going to sleep.
by Dr Seuss

Draw in bed.
Write in bed.
Cry in bed.
Laugh in bed.
Your bed is like a magic carpet it will take you places you dream of.
And sometimes it is like a choose your own adventure story as you have a lucid dream and be an active participant in your own story.
Sleep and dream my friend and when you wake you will feel nourished.
xoxox velvetwoods

The sadness

A painting called love by Khalil Gibran

How does it feel to be a woman when your heart bleeds and you don't feel quite ready to explain what is troubling you? I go over and over about what happened as to say is this real because it is so surreal, I can' make any sense of it. Life does not make any sense sometimes nor does it have to. But the mind keeps searching for answers even though it knows there are none. This is the grand master plan, it’s your destiny and it must be embraced with wide open arms .This is the way it's supposed to be, through the pain and tears. Through the joy and laughter it can bring, the loss and the abundant gifts it can share. How does it feel when your heart bleeds not very well I know. My heart bleeds today too. Yes I am sad today but I know it will all be ok.

Here is a wonderful poem about Pain by one of my fav poets the wonderful kahlil Gibran.

And a woman spoke, saying, 'Tell us of Pain.'

And he said:

Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.

Even as the stone of the fruit must break, that its heart may stand in the sun, so must you know pain.

And could you keep your heart in wonder at the daily miracles of your life, your pain would not seem less wondrous than your joy;

And you would accept the seasons of your heart, even as you have always accepted the seasons that pass over your fields.

And you would watch with serenity through the winters of your grief.

Much of your pain is self-chosen.

It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self.

Therefore trust the physician, and drink his remedy in silence and tranquility:

For his hand, though heavy and hard, is guided by the tender hand of the Unseen,

And the cup he brings, though it burns your lips, has been fashioned of the clay which the Potter has moistened with His own sacred tears.

Khalil Gibran

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Joyful Simplicities 101- Paulo Coelho

A pic I took of an old tree by the seaside.

Joyful Simplicities
Read a quote by Paulo Coelho :

You can become blind by seeing each day as a similar one. Each day is a different one, each day brings a miracle of its own. It's just a matter of paying attention to this miracle.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Paulo Coelho Quotes

I needed something to cheer me up and inspire me today so I looked up Paulo Coelho quotes and found interesting quotes from him.I have always found his choice of words calming and the alchemist is an old fav book of mine.

Paulo Coelho Quote :

I think the big danger of madness is not madness itself, but the habit of madness. What I discovered during the time I spent in the asylum is that I could choose madness and spend my whole life without working, doing nothing, pretending to be mad. It was a very strong temptation..

I might be going mad today...but most likely not ,this quote is from me velvetwoods.

and more from Paulo Coelho

Normal is:

1. Anything that makes us forget who we are and what we want; that way we can work in order to produce, reproduce, and earn money.

2. Setting out rules for waging war (the Geneva Convention).

3. Spending years studying at university only to find out at the end of it all that you're unemployable.

4. Working from nine till five every day at something that gives you no pleasure just so that, after thirty years, you can retire.

5. Retiring and discovering that you no longer have enough energy to enjoy life and dying a few years out of sheer boredom.

6. Using Botox.

7. Believing that power is much more important than money and that money is much more important than happiness.

8. Making fun of anyone who seeks happiness rather than money and accusing them of "lacking ambition."

9. Comparing objects like cars, houses, clothes, and defining life according to those comparisons, instead of trying to discover the real reason for being alive.

10. Never talking to strangers. Saying nasty things about the neighbors.

11. Believing that your parents are always right.

12. Getting married, having children, and staying together long after all love has died, saying that it's for the good of the children (who are, apparently, deaf to the constant rows).

12a. Criticizing anyone who tries to be different.

14. Waking up each morning to a hysterical alarm clock on the bedside table.

15. Believing absolutely everything that appears in print.

16. Wearing a scrap of colored cloth around your neck, even though it serves no useful purpose, but which answers to the name of "tie."

17. Never asking a direct question, even though the other person can guess what it is you want to know.

18. Keeping a smile on your lips even when you're on the verge of tears. Feeling sorry for those who show their feelings.

19. Believing that art is either worth a fortune or worth nothing at all.

20. Despising anything that was easy to achieve because if no sacrifice was involved, it obviously isn't worth having.

21. Following fashion trends, however ridiculous or uncomfortable.

22. Believing that all famous people have tons of money saved up.

23. Investing a lot of time and money in external beauty and caring little about internal beauty.

24. Using every means possible to show that, although you're just an ordinary human being, you're far above other mortals.

25. Never looking anyone in the eye when you're traveling on public transport, in case it's interpreted as a sign that you're trying to get off with them.

26. Standing facing the door in an elevator and pretending you're the only person there, no matter how crowded it is.

27. Never laughing too loudly in a restaurant no matter how good the joke.

28. In the northern hemisphere, always dressing according to the season: bare arms in spring (however cold it is) and woolen jacket in winter (however hot it is).

29. In the southern hemisphere, covering the Christmas tree with fake snow even though winter has nothing to do with the birth of Christ.

30. Assuming, as you grow older, that you're the guardian of the world's wisdom, even if you haven't necessarily lived enough to know what's right and wrong.

31. Going to a charity tea party and thinking that you've done your bit toward putting an end to social inequity in the world.

32. Eating three times a day even if you're not hungry.

33. Believing that other people are always better than you--better-looking, more capable, richer, more intelligent--and that it's very dangerous to step outside your own limits, so it's best to do nothing.

34. Using your car as a weapon and impenetrable armor.

35. Swearing when in heavy traffic.

36. Believing everything your child does wrong is entirely down to the company he or she keeps.

37. Marrying the first person who offers you a decent position in society. Love can wait.

38. Always saying, "I tried" when you didn't really try at all.

39. Postponing doing the really interesting things in life for later, when you don't have the energy.

40. Avoiding depression with large daily doses of television.

41. Believing that you can be sure of everything you've achieved.

42. Assuming that women don't like football and that men aren't intersted in home decorating and cooking.

43. Blaming the government for all the bad things that happen.

44. Thinking that being a good, decent, respectable person will mean that others will see you as weak, vulnerable, and easy to manipulate.

45. Being equally convinced that aggression and rudeness are synonymous with having a "powerful personality."

46. Being afraid of having an endoscopy (if you're a man) and giving birth (if you're a woman).
Paulo Coelho : author of The Alchemist
Paulo Coelho
Source: The Winner Stands Alone: A Novel, Page: 47-50

More from velvetwoods :

I'm not cheered up yet ,the time is not right ,let me be just for today.
I like to swear in heavy traffic, I don't use botox and I don't want to be normal or abnormal.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Buddha gift.

Thank you.

I won this gorgeous Buddha Photography print from a wonderful artist Michelle Campbell-Zurek from Urban Junkies Photography.Yay for me as I never win anything ! It was a lucky dip and velvetwoods was it. Thanks Michelle ! check out her wonderful images capturing urban landscapes and the sweet peaceful feel of her nature photography on zuppaartista.etsy

Now I'm off to be zen and pray for better health as I have been sick with the flu and then was hit with a severe allergy attack. All is well now with my health and I hope you are all well too.

Stay Zen xoxox velvetwoods