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Monday, June 8, 2009

Terminator Salvation

I saw Terminator Salvation last night .Wow what a jam packed action flick, well what else can you expect from Terminator.It delivered the action and the very sexy Christian Bale as John Conner. lots of thrilling parts and it must be the loudest terminator I have ever seen or heard. A little light in the plot department but it didn't worry me too much as I was engrossed in feeling mentally assaulted by all the action. Set in post-apocalyptic 2018, the film picks up the story of John Connor where the world is riddled with scraps of civilisation and the holocaust is imprinted everywhere in the bleak landscape. Surprisingly John Connor's story was upstaged by a character called Marcus.
I love the Australian actor Sam Worthington who Played Marcus , I read he was recommended by James Cameron and Russell Crow for the part of Marcus.He was so charismatic, endearing , and did a great job as Marcus Wright, the half-human half-machine . The world is a far more dangerous place with the battle machines hell- bent on destroying the human race but salvation from war is not far off the horizon.

You know I just love these sort of movies set in a tough , bleak, dystopian futures of post-apocalyptic debris of what is left of humanity and civilisation. Movies like Terminator,Mad Max , Resident evil ,Road warrior,Escape from New York ,Matrix,28 days later,etc etc.Something about the characters of this dystopian genre moves me, as they always seem to manage to wear the coolest battle gear while portraying the indestructible human spirit that can triumph against all adversity. So what should you do if this kind of world was to ever-become a reality.Well preparation seems to be the order of the day, if you want to increase your chances of surviving from being eaten alive by a hundred brainless zombies or getting annihilated by machines.Get zen, study mortal combat and get some kick ass battle gear , plus some weaponry of your choice.Preferably something you know how to use. Good luck xox Velvet

Comfortable shoes is a must in a post-apocalyptic world.

How about some very intimidating casual wear ?

Or fancy yourself as an post-apocalyptic Queen ?


  1. Funny, I'm just so not into those kinds of films. But I love the movie inspired fashion you included!

  2. too much action gives me anxiety lol

  3. i saw terminator and LOVED it. i cant believe all of the bad reviews its getting.


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