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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Old Friends

Artwork by thepoppytree.
A very talented artist with a passion for quirkiness and

I have been blessed last week by the powers of a social utility called facebook. A friend that I had lost for eons since the dawn of time has come back into my life.How wonderful and delightful it is when we are surprised by our old soulful friends from the past.I met her at Art school and we were very much in sync with others feelings and way of thinking when we met 10 years ago.To my delight we are still in sync with each others thoughts as she is studying to be become a youth worker.
I have been thinking of getting out of were I work and study to become a youth worker.Since I heard she was doing that I am more determined to go back to school.
She is a single mother with a gorgeous little girl and studying.This gives me inspiration , I love my old friend.
Can you think of someone you haven't spoken to since the dinosaurs roam the earth.Why not look them up and bring a smile to their face and yours.


  1. I am not on facebook but your post makes me think that maybe I should be.

  2. Yes do it, you never know who will find you and vice-versa.What a delight.


Thank you for making me smile tonight.