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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Free Flowing

Bird in the woods.

Burst into creativity and let your mind wonder into stories that do not have to make any sense.My compensation for not dreaming very often.Let reality collide with your dreams,hopes and inspirations.Don't think about being creative,just do it and live it.

Sometimes I think about how I don't have the time to be creative because I have a long list of endless repetitive things to attend to and it is a list the eventually turns into a circle of life routines that must be treated with passion and care.So I'm practising to treat that aspect of my life with loving care and approach it with a fresh creative outlook.I must remember the mundane serves a purpose and honour housework with a loving heart and with a happy song instead of being afraid of tackling the messy monster.Cleaning is a form of therapy and doing away with clutter makes way for the new and a peaceful mind.I am trying out the "do some cleaning for 15mins" and see how much you can achieve routine.It's not to say I rush what I do, on the contrary I find it effective and efficient without feeling rushed.If I haven't finish what I'm working on, I just set my alarm for another 15 minutes.I am yet to call the mop a sacremental object or the toilet brush but I am fond of the dishwashing sponge.Something about how it collects water inside its little veins and when you squeeze it, the water trickles down your hand.I find that very healing and feels like a good purging.So let's start our creative life with the mundane as it is part of us all.

Here is my free flowing story as my mind wanders into another place.

I have this buried treasure somewhere,I can't remember where.I buried it a long time ago when I was feeling sad.I think I buried it in a dark place somewhere far from my distant memory.Did I bury it a bike ride away, down the ocean coast under the sand dune.Is it in the apartment that I never had or live in but seen in the movie the science of sleep.Under a pile of brand new socks because I keep losing my old ones.
Under the stars, on the mountain top , in a birds nest that has lovely eggs.Where is it ? What is it ? is it golden like a fleece that can protect you from anything.


  1. I love this piece with the bird in the center! I think I love all birds--even crows which most people seem to dislike. Your post about allowing yourself to put the same intensity into day-to-day stuff as you do your art, really resonates with me. After all, we don't have to be split personalities with opposing sides. It's definitely a process to let those two aspects of your life coalesce though. I also loved your comments about having a peaceful mind when cleaning--so true! It is possible to get into the flow of cleaning--there is a healing energy involved like you said :) You rock! Hope you feel better soon...

  2. Oh I love crows too,we have plenty in our backyard.Something about their eyes, very stauch and I love their black feathers..
    You rock too my sweet friend.Thank you.

  3. Hi velvetwoods,

    Your artwork is amazing! Truly beautiful and unique.

    This is exactaly the way I look upon inspiration:

    "Don't think about being creative,just do it and live it"

    No point in waiting for inspiration. Better make it part of everything!

    Crows are great and so smart. I think they have a good sense of humour as well; I can tell by their mischevious eyes.

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  5. Hi Jenny,

    Thank you ! Yes BE the inpiration and soak up the world for all it's awe inspiring wonder and magnificence.Your very lush and organic writing inspires me thank you.


Thank you for making me smile tonight.