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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Free Flowing

Bird in the woods.

Burst into creativity and let your mind wonder into stories that do not have to make any sense.My compensation for not dreaming very often.Let reality collide with your dreams,hopes and inspirations.Don't think about being creative,just do it and live it.

Sometimes I think about how I don't have the time to be creative because I have a long list of endless repetitive things to attend to and it is a list the eventually turns into a circle of life routines that must be treated with passion and care.So I'm practising to treat that aspect of my life with loving care and approach it with a fresh creative outlook.I must remember the mundane serves a purpose and honour housework with a loving heart and with a happy song instead of being afraid of tackling the messy monster.Cleaning is a form of therapy and doing away with clutter makes way for the new and a peaceful mind.I am trying out the "do some cleaning for 15mins" and see how much you can achieve routine.It's not to say I rush what I do, on the contrary I find it effective and efficient without feeling rushed.If I haven't finish what I'm working on, I just set my alarm for another 15 minutes.I am yet to call the mop a sacremental object or the toilet brush but I am fond of the dishwashing sponge.Something about how it collects water inside its little veins and when you squeeze it, the water trickles down your hand.I find that very healing and feels like a good purging.So let's start our creative life with the mundane as it is part of us all.

Here is my free flowing story as my mind wanders into another place.

I have this buried treasure somewhere,I can't remember where.I buried it a long time ago when I was feeling sad.I think I buried it in a dark place somewhere far from my distant memory.Did I bury it a bike ride away, down the ocean coast under the sand dune.Is it in the apartment that I never had or live in but seen in the movie the science of sleep.Under a pile of brand new socks because I keep losing my old ones.
Under the stars, on the mountain top , in a birds nest that has lovely eggs.Where is it ? What is it ? is it golden like a fleece that can protect you from anything.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Joyful simplicities 101 -Chalk

2.Get a chalk and write something positive about yourself or your life on your driveway or backyard.Why not write a love letter on the pavement to yourself or for another to read with a chalk.I have done this and it sure put a smile on my face and theirs.

Monday, June 15, 2009


On the weekend we saw magnificent Saturn’s rings through a telescope at an observatory in the woods.It was so pretty,although it was a little small and I wished it was magnified a little more, it was still breathtaking. I also saw the Globular cluster which contains hundreds of thousands of stars. Globular cluster contain some of the first stars to be produced in the galaxy, how amazing is that??? Alpha Centauri the third brightest star in the night. Alpha Centauri to the naked eye appears as one star but through the telescope it is actually two stars .I also saw the keyhole nebula which is part of the Carina nebula. The keyhole nebula is small and is full of darker clouds of cold molecules and dust. This was a serendipitous find as we were not expecting to find an observatory, nor were we looking for one.
My partner and I were actually on our way to Springbrook Research Centre to check out the glow worms but came across the observatory in the dark and could not resist it. We also went to check out the glow worms,they glow as a result of a chemical reaction due to being oxygen intolerant. They use a simple but ancient chemical reaction to burn off their body waste that results in the oxygen being reduced back into pure water which is then flushed out of the glow worm's body, hence they glow. The scientist’s farm is also growing luminous green mushrooms, and unfortunately they only glow in December & January. He told us that in summer when the mushrooms are glowing the whole forest looks very pretty ,green and a single large specimen of this mushroom can produce sufficient light to enable reading a newspaper at night. He has also done studies on Bio luminescence to detect cancer growth. Amazing!!! Hope your weekend was good.

Globular clusters.

Cool things on Etsy !

Inspired by space.

Vintage Rocket Cufflinks by HiddenEnigma

The Space Prince - Dress by TwinWizards

Terranauts-Print by thecellophanes

Sunday, June 14, 2009

velvetwoods art

Call me Rose by velvetwoods

Saturday, June 13, 2009

love this album

loving the Yeah Yeah Yeahs new album "It's Blitz!"

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009

Terminator Salvation

I saw Terminator Salvation last night .Wow what a jam packed action flick, well what else can you expect from Terminator.It delivered the action and the very sexy Christian Bale as John Conner. lots of thrilling parts and it must be the loudest terminator I have ever seen or heard. A little light in the plot department but it didn't worry me too much as I was engrossed in feeling mentally assaulted by all the action. Set in post-apocalyptic 2018, the film picks up the story of John Connor where the world is riddled with scraps of civilisation and the holocaust is imprinted everywhere in the bleak landscape. Surprisingly John Connor's story was upstaged by a character called Marcus.
I love the Australian actor Sam Worthington who Played Marcus , I read he was recommended by James Cameron and Russell Crow for the part of Marcus.He was so charismatic, endearing , and did a great job as Marcus Wright, the half-human half-machine . The world is a far more dangerous place with the battle machines hell- bent on destroying the human race but salvation from war is not far off the horizon.

You know I just love these sort of movies set in a tough , bleak, dystopian futures of post-apocalyptic debris of what is left of humanity and civilisation. Movies like Terminator,Mad Max , Resident evil ,Road warrior,Escape from New York ,Matrix,28 days later,etc etc.Something about the characters of this dystopian genre moves me, as they always seem to manage to wear the coolest battle gear while portraying the indestructible human spirit that can triumph against all adversity. So what should you do if this kind of world was to ever-become a reality.Well preparation seems to be the order of the day, if you want to increase your chances of surviving from being eaten alive by a hundred brainless zombies or getting annihilated by machines.Get zen, study mortal combat and get some kick ass battle gear , plus some weaponry of your choice.Preferably something you know how to use. Good luck xox Velvet

Comfortable shoes is a must in a post-apocalyptic world.

How about some very intimidating casual wear ?

Or fancy yourself as an post-apocalyptic Queen ?

Cool things on Etsy !

Some of my fave post-apocalyptic world fashion.

Desert warrior burlap cow
by sproutmama

The world by poetsummer.

Joan of Arc Breast Armor Neck Deko by Perishables.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Joyful simplicities 101

My girl.

1. Play with your pet, I like to play hide & seek with my dog .I usually hide behind a door and when she is coming by, jump out to surprise her.Oh she loves it so much, you should see how crazy she gets from excitement.

Sacred Spaces Inspiration

Emily Chalmers

I just adore the lovely home of Emily Chalmers, author of the awesome book flea market style.If you haven't checked out this book buy it or borrow it from the library or from someone you know.Great treat if you love vintage and old worn out treasures as Emily shows you what you can do without Ikea.I have found plenty of unwanted furniture on the side of the road.I have sanded,painted and reupholstered with the aid of my wonderful partner.Found objects seek me out,what a treat. What have you found lately ?

Get the look :
Worn out leather couch,lots of vintage floral and brown.
Feathers and cowboy moo moo rug. Gigantic canvas art.

Cool things on Etsy !

I Will Love You FirEver Print by thepoppytree

Synchronicity - 8x10 Print by diaspora

Quasar for a Cause - Sterling Silver by Finestra

Old Friends

Artwork by thepoppytree.
A very talented artist with a passion for quirkiness and

I have been blessed last week by the powers of a social utility called facebook. A friend that I had lost for eons since the dawn of time has come back into my life.How wonderful and delightful it is when we are surprised by our old soulful friends from the past.I met her at Art school and we were very much in sync with others feelings and way of thinking when we met 10 years ago.To my delight we are still in sync with each others thoughts as she is studying to be become a youth worker.
I have been thinking of getting out of were I work and study to become a youth worker.Since I heard she was doing that I am more determined to go back to school.
She is a single mother with a gorgeous little girl and studying.This gives me inspiration , I love my old friend.
Can you think of someone you haven't spoken to since the dinosaurs roam the earth.Why not look them up and bring a smile to their face and yours.

Three monkeys Cafe

Now this pic is my fave cafe, Three monkeys Cafe in Brisbane Australia.
This place is like a Moroccan Tent.
The walls are adorned with gorgeous rugs and exotic fabrics.
The food is divine and cheap. They make an awesome chai latte too and service is excellent.
More pics next time.I want my home to look like this !

Friday, June 5, 2009

Bats for lashes-What's a girl to do.

Hi I just love this song and the film clip.
Quite mesmerizing.Her voice is so beutiful and how cute are her furry friends.